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My Services

Depending on your stage of Business Development, I offer

Incorporation Services: Of course, there is enough information on this website that will guide you through registering your company (or school, ministry, NGO etc) yourself. But in an instance you want a third party to handle it like a Pro, you can drop me a message and I guarantee your RC Number in few days.

 Marketing Services: Or more specifically Digital Marketing. The goal of my team is to help you grow your revenue using smart marketing tactics that has proven to work time and again. The only question is whether you will allow us.

Content Marketing: If you are looking for a writer that can pen a strong content that will receive strong audience engagement, while meeting quality, originality and integrity guidelines, don’t contact me, you can’t afford me… Just kidding, my charges are fair and in a matter of days of engaging my service, your products and services will start making the right noise in front of the right audience.

Social Media Manager: If you want to build an engaging community around your product or service, how about you check what I have to offer.

Business Plan/ Pitch Deck: These documents are to entrepreneurs what resume are to job seekers. No real investor will listen to you unless you have them ready and shinny.

Web Development: Do you need a simple website that just communicates what you do to your customers or a data driven web application that forms the core of your business? Toni is the name you are looking for. .

I.T General Contractor: Or you have a specific IT job you want to discuss; I am available 24/7.

Investors Network: Are you an entrepreneur or investor looking, my investors network where money and idea meet is a place to be. All investors and entrepreneurs are vetted.

So how do I contact you? You can use the below form or the WhatsApp icon to drop me a direct message.

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