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How To Learn Digital Marketing For Free: 2023

Olaniyan Toni 0

Marketing is essential to business success. Digital marketing is the most effective form of marketing in this time and age. There are tons of digital marketing gurus out that are willing to take your money in exchange for what they called digital marketing courses.

But do you really have to pay the digital gurus in 2023 to learn digital marketing?

Well, if you’re an entrepreneur, your primary job is developing strategies to make your product or services better and more efficient. Marketing and sales are what you recruit professionals to handle for the business.

Yes, there are entrepreneurs who don’t have enough funding to recruit sound digital marketers and sales people, to them I say there are better ways you can learn digital marketing that wouldn’t involve the so called gurus.

All it required is a knowledge of how to browse the internet (if you don’t how to browse internet, then digital marketing should be the least of your worries at this time, look for any computer tutorial center and learn a program called “Computer Appreciation”), and then you would be ready to start learning about digital marketing the right way and what is more absolutely free.

in this article, I listed 7 ways you can learn digital marketing without paying gurus.

#1. Read general marketing books

Digital marketing is a sub category of marketing hence a lot of marketing principles apply to online/digital marketing as well. Some of the best digital marketers I know read tons of marketing books. There are many great marketing books out there, find them, read them and you will be on your way to becoming a good digital marketer.

#2. Facebook & Google’s own courses

Who would you rather learn digital marketing from? A digital guru with no history of ever selling anything or the owner of the digital marketing platform like Google & Facebook themselves? Both Google & Facebook provide a free course on how to use their platforms for serving ads, these courses are far better than any $1000 course guru want to teach you

#3. YouTube videos

Want to learn how to setup Facebook ads instagram Ad, Twitter ad, TikTok ad, or even YouTube ad? There are tons of videos which will teach you step by step on YouTube.

#4. Practice what you learn

The best way to master something is by practicing it . Do a trial Facebook ads run, run a Facebook campaign as a test on a sample landing page, measure results and track ROI.

#5. Give it some time

You cannot become expert of anything in 3 months. When digital marketing guru or programming guru said I’ll make you an expert or job ready in 3 months, it’s all lie. The trick is to make you question yourself rather than their dubious tutorial after 3 months when it will become obvious that you are not anywhere close to being job ready. Truth is when you are learning something new, there is always a learning curve and then there is the fact that people learn at the different pace. If you want to be a competent digital marketer, find your own pace follow it and give yourself time.

#6. Intern under a mentor 

Digital marketing gurus that sells courses are not doing digital marketing, the people doing digital marketing are those ones handling digital marketing campaign for entrepreneurs, brands and businesses. Not only do you learn better from these ones, if you are hardworking during your internship, money flow from your mentor to your hand not the other way round.

#7. Network

Joining community of other digital marketer is a great way to be on top of the industry.

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