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Wema Bank Honest Review 2023

Olaniyan Toni 0

This review is based on my experienced of the past one month with Wema Bank. While I strive to provide accurate information about the bank and its services, the best place to get up to speed information about any organization is its official website.


Recently, I had to open an account with Wema Bank PLC due to the news that it has lifted restriction on its naira card for international transactions. This means you can now use its card to pay for things like online courses, website hosting, digital assets etc.

The account opening process was seamless from the moment I submitted the required documents. And I must say the customer service unit at their Sangotedo branch were reasonably friendly especially Tolu.

Though I opened the account mainly for its naira card that now allows you to make payment internationally which to my understanding is the only bank currently doing so in Nigeria, its features rich app called ALAT is what truly blew my mind.

And as someone who has played around with quite a lot of banking apps in Nigeria, I make bold to say the Wema ALAT app is in a class of its own. Its intuitive UI, mobile friendliness, responsiveness  and clear organized content is what set it apart from other banking apps in Nigeria.


Instant Loan

One of the reasons many Nigerians turn to alternative less credible, less save loan app is the unreasonable demand and the complexity of getting loan from the commercial bank in Nigeria. With ALAT app though, you no longer have to submit your father’s index finger and grandmother blood plus your great grandmother sister’s uncle maiden name and then wait for everlasting to get a loan. By answering few questions, you can access up to #4,000,000 (Four million naira) with no paper work, no visitation to any physical location and with a response time of less than one minute.

SME Loan

If you ever run a business in Nigeria, you will agree that money is the fuel that drives business. Having access to it can be the difference between whether you will remain in business or not. Wema Bank ALAT app has a feature that allows entrepreneurs access to quick business loan. I was made to understand that this feature is WIP.

Group Saving

This another initiative of Wema Bank is great for salary and non-salary earners. You can save with up to 12 friends and receive the savings when it is your turn. You can as well join a savers club or even create your own savers group and rally people around a course.


Wema Bank have list of cards that addresses different customers need. Debit cards for pay as you buy, credit cards for buy now and pay later, utility cards enable you pay for and there’s my favorite virtual dollar and naira cards that enables you do international transactions with ease.

Investment Goals

You probably have heard all the good things about investment, ALAT app make investing your money as simple as closing the blind. Whether you are saving for a car, house, home appliances etc, or you are looking for high rewarding investment plan, this app has you covered. What is more? Alat investment plan pays interest upfront which is another game changer initiative.

Bottom line

If you are small scale entrepreneur, salary earners or just and ordinary Nigerian looking for all in one banking app that is designed with people like you in mind, you cannot go wrong with Wema Bank ALAT.

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