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7 Growth Hacking Strategies for Nigeria Startup

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The central problem facing today’s business is not lack of product, every failed startup has one. Today’s business problem is lack of enough paying customers, which is what failed startups don’t have enough of. Any serious business that wants to win in today’s hypercompetitive marketplace must find effective ways to market their product.

In this article, I present 7 growth hacking strategies for Nigeria startup that need rapid growth.

Freemium Marketing

Freemium marketing is quite a simple concept to grasp; you provide a basic service for free and charge for more advanced features. While the concept is simple, the effect is extremely powerful. Nine out of ten of every successful online business is using Freemium marketing. Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc. all adopt a business model that offer free products while charging for a more customized version. It’s a marketing concept that I highly recommend for every business that want to gained public trust and established market dominance in Nigeria.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is another smart marketing strategy for Startup in Nigeria to adopt in 2023.  It is a method of publishing useful contents with the goal of attracting prospective customers. It has become irresistible today because of its high ROI in form of compound interest.  For instance, a well written content will continue to offer SEO benefits many years or even decades after been published. Content marketing has become such an integral marketing strategy that no serious business can afford to ignore. Even some of the popular brands in Nigeria that you already know like MTN, GLO, GTBANK, ZENITH, spend millions of naira monthly to create contents for their audience. If you want to hack your growth, start spending on content.

Affiliate Programs

This growth hacking strategy has proven extremely successful for many businesses that I think it’s worth exploring. The concept is simple; you pay people for directing quality traffic to your business.  I said quality traffic because you will only pay when the clients do what you want them to do e.g. buy something, download something, watch something, fill something etc. Unlike the traditional advertiser who get pay whether the clients do what you want or not, affiliate marketers only receive commission when the transaction is complete.


Email Marketing

At the high level, email marketing is the act of sending bulk emails to prospect with the hope of hitting 1-2% response. In a recent time, email marketing has become one of the most effective marketing strategies to reach out to new customers and close deal.

7 Growth Hacking Strategies for Nigeria Startup

Social Media

Social media has become such a huge player in the marketing world that I don’t think it need introduction. Platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube generate billions of traffic daily. This huge traffic makes it easy to swiftly build a community around a brand that would have cost millions to do in the past. While there are tons of social media platforms today; yet, it would be a mistake to want to be on every one of it. Instead, find one or two that is best suited for your business and focus on them.

Google Ads

Google Ads is a form of PPC or pay-per-click advertising. The way it works is search engine includes your ad on the first page of SERP (Search Engine Result Page) when your ad matches the keyword of a log query. There are many factors that determines what ad search engine algorithm will include in SERP, these factors include

  • Ad quality
  • Landing page quality
  • Bid amount
  • Keyword relevanc


Intelligent online shoppers (who should be your target) are not content with your social media posts; they still need a place they can go to learn more about your business. The place where people can learn more about your business is your website. And this website is another potential marketing channel that can and must be utilized.


Marketing just like funding is an important component that determines whether a startup will fail or succeed. Digital marketing helps fast track business growth. This is why it has been suggested as the default focus of any startup with swift rapid growth in mind. If you need help implementing any or all of these strategies, feel free to contact me today.

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