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7 lessons I learned as a Co-Founder of Afrismart.

Olaniyan Toni 0

The startup that pose to connect finest Africa products to the global market.

Lesson #1 Idea

Idea is not as valuable as I thought, execution is everything. Ideas are like opinion, everyone has one but the one who can turn idea to a profitable business is the one that matters.

Lesson two is even more profound which is…

7 lessons I learned as a Co-Founder of Afrismart.
Seed Funding

Lesson #2 Money

No business can survive without money but not all business is fundable. For any business to stand a chance with savvy investors; it must have…

Lesson #3 Business Account

A corporate account: This shows you are ready to separate your personal finance from business expense. But you can’t have one without…

Lesson #4 Incorporation

Incorporating the business first. By law, you must incorporate locally but do you know you can as well incorporate your business in the USA while you operate from Nigeria? This will enable you open bank account in the USA, sell to USA market (with ease) and raise fund from Angel and Seed investors in different part of USA including yes Silicon Valley.

Lesson #5 Business Plan

A business plan: A business plan is the map that you need to navigate the chaotic startup terrain; you will be lost without one. A good business plan will detail how you will turn your idea to a profitable business. No serious investor will fund your business until they see your business plan. However, the easiest way to get the attention of these investors is not through business plan but…

Lesson #6 Pitch Deck

A pitch: A pitch is a summary of your business plan. Done well, you can close deal with it.

Lesson #7 Network

Network: You have incorporated your idea, get a corporate account and designed business plan and a pitch desk, the final stage is to start networking investors.

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