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Customers Are Kings Who Should Be Treated As Such

Olaniyan Toni 0


Who are they?

Customers are people or companies who buy goods and services from another business.

You can think of a great business without customers like a beautiful car without fuel, as you and I know, it is going nowhere. This is particularly true in a customer driven economy we found ourselves.

All the funding you are raising and all your marketing tactics are geared towards one thing, customer acquisition.

With such power on modern business, any company that wants to remain in business must be intentional about setting out to please customers.

You can think of a great business without customers like a beautiful car without fuel

If you think this should be obvious, you will be right. However, in Nigeria today, reverse is almost the case. In computer village Ikeja for instance, you can buy computer, phone or accessories, rightly return it when it doesn’t work as claimed and be ask to pay more money if you want it changed. You will think they will refund you if you refused to add more money, but that barely happen.

To disrupt computer village market (which is overdue) or any market in Nigeria, your business vision, objectives and strategies must be customers focused.


In fact, if you are the type who is easily irritated by people, who can’t listen to customers ranting stay away from modern startup.

Now, while customers are kings and must be treated as such. Founders must understand that not all kings are equal in status. To that end, customers should be segregated into


These ones deserve the most attention and all the premium treatment. This will encourage other customers to move up if they want to enjoy same treatments.


They deserve all the attention and premium treatment just like the gold customers except for some certain treatments that are reserve for the gold customers. Those treatments will be immediately available to them as soon as they upgrade their status.


These ones deserve all the treatment of a king and nothing more. All other features will be available upon upgrading their status.

Don’t forget, if you take care of your customers, your customers will take care of your business.

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