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7 Reasons Nigerian Are Not Buying From You

Olaniyan Toni 0

Nigeria internet market space is growing by the day. More Nigerians are using internet to find and buy products and services than ever before and social media is more effective than it has ever been particularly for startups.

Did  you know that Nigeria is ranked number one in the world among countries who spent more time on social media? Not only that, but 12.7% of Nigeria population are at any time on Facebook and 77% of Nigeria online shoppers uses Facebook and Instagram to find sellers. The e-payment figure are even more staggering. E-payment transaction in Nigeria rose by 42% to N387 trillion in 2022.

The above put to rest the question of whether Nigerians are online or not. The real question is why are they not buying from you. In this article, I look at 7 reasons Nigerians may be ignoring your business online.


Don’t judge book by its cover is a popular fancy phrase that is not applicable to online market. When it comes to online, everything is judged by its look. As an entrepreneur, when you are ready to leverage online marketing channels, the starting point is creating a compelling brand that Nigerian cannot but notice.

Nigeria internet market

Don’t judge book by its cover is a popular fancy phrase that is not applicable to online market.


It is not enough to have a shining brand; if your price is not competitive you are pricing yourself out of the market. Nigerians are ignoring you to go to your competitors because you believe your product is the best thing since the invention of slice bread, and regrettable, Nigerians do not share in that delusion sorry believe.


Look, dubious business tactics that worked offline can’t and wouldn’t work online. One negative review is enough to destroy your reputation. So does your product do what you claimed it does, are you really the expert you claimed or you only became expert after two weeks internet crash course, do people know what they’re getting into when they engage your service or your business have the reputation of the more you look the less you see?


Everybody above the age of 7 with a single cell brain knows that gold is more precious and more valuable than silver. But if you find yourself in a society where people request more of silver than gold, silver you shall sell. If you try to sell gold, customer will buy from your competitors. Yes, there are brands that create new need like Apple but you are not APPLE. Produce product with existing market and the market will respond with enthusiasm. 


If there is nothing that differentiate your product from other products in the market then you cannot blame the customers for buying from your competitors.  In fact, if your product does not have unique positioning (cheapest, fastest, better) stay out of market.


The reality of today’s market is that an ok product with the right branding and good marketing strategy will outsell great product with poor marketing any day. Yes, it not fair but it is what it is.


I have seen investor walked away from investment worth hundreds of million of naira, deal in tens of billion cancelled at the last minute because of the inadequacy of the sales team. Often, what you called useless lead are actually lead buying from another brand because of your sales team. When we get into it, the one single person who will determine whether or not your marketing effort will bear fruit is your sales team. If you get everything right but the person closing sales for you is not enthusiastic and not knowledgeable about your product and service, even Portable will have a better chance of winning Grammy before your business breakeven.


The internet market in Nigeria is here to stay and fast growing, understanding the psychology of the market is central to whether customers will buy from you or ignore.

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